Getting start

py-class-pool is a simple but powerful class registry for Python with additional Django support. It allows to build dynamic registry of classes in a similar way how Django handles registry of models. Classes are distinguished by ID.


This library is used on production environment however please note that it has been not used widely in different use cases. Please consider this before using it on production environment. Any issue reports and improvement suggestions are welcomed.


pip install class-pool


  • register classes in four ways:

    • on-demand using register() method
    • using register() decorator
    • by metaclass
    • by scanning list of provided packages/modules
  • access classes by ID

  • each registry is a singleton

  • define custom ID generator

  • specify if abstract classes should be registered or not

  • listen for on register signal to run additional logic when class is registered

  • Django support which includes loading classes from applications, choice field which allows to select registered classes and corresponding form field

  • Django REST Framework support with serializer field and dynamic serializers loaded from a pool

  • and many more


  • Python 3
  • Django to use django related features (optional)
  • Django REST Framework to use DRF related features (optional)

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